Engineered for Success

We all know that communications is key when executing a safe, successful event, yet it can often become a last priority when dealing with all the other aspects of the event-planning process. At DC Rentals, we make your communications our mission, so you'll never have to worry about overlooking this crucial aspect of your event.

To ensure success, we undergo an in-depth analysis of your communications needs in order to provide the best services possible by designing a communications system that's right for you and your unique event.

This involves site visits from our Advance Audio/Visual Team prior to the event, and for events requiring communications on a large encrypted scale or for more streamlined systems, we'll make site visits for testing radio-frequency (RF) signals, adjacent RF traffic, terrain, etc.  After your communications needs have been assessed, our team will custom engineer a system using advanced software.  Finall, before the event, the system will be staged and tested both in our facility and in the field post-installation. (All DC Rentals equipment is tested on a regular basis to ensure reliability.)

Let us make your communications a priority so you don't have to, 


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