About us


Exceeding Expectations

DC Rentals strives to go beyond technology.  Above everything else, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, reliable state-of-the art equipment, and competitive pricing.  We continuously update our rental fleets to provide our clients with the latest in communications and event solutions technology.  To see our current offerings, check out our Rentals page or contact us.

We strive to exceed your expectations to provide you with seamless communication and event-wide coverage to make your event experience truly excellent.  Even with such challenges as topography and remote locations, our support staff can assist you in RF design and implementation to create event-wide coverage and seamless communications.      

Our technical team goes above and beyond by performing advanced site visits, providing on-site event support, and assisting in communications distribution and management during your event.  DC Rentals also offers training courses with our team for event managers, staff and volunteers to understand the basics of radio use and feel confident they can effectively communicate.  Alternatively, you can check out our free training video to brush up on some recommended communications practices. 

Customer Promise

When you work with DC Rentals, you might think our priority is safety.

Or you might think it's great communication.

You may even think it's outstanding customer service.

Well you'd be right on all accounts.

So how can one company have so many priorities?  We don't really.  We just have one.  You.

When you work with us, we make you our only priority.  So everything that's important to you becomes important to us.  Everything you need to make your event a success becomes our mission to provide.

At DC Rentals, we promise to take your priorities and make them our own.  So there's really no mystery as to how we provide everything you need to get the job done.  There's just you.


Over 25 Years of Event Industry Success

DC Rentals (Digital Communications Rentals) is a multifaceted event company with nearly 30 years of experience and success.  We specialize in event communications including two-way radio and accessory rentals, as well as interoperability solutions, including RF infrastructure, CCTV cameras, Event Production Trailers (EPTs), and Video/Communications on Wheels (VCOWs).   

Headquartered in Boston, MA, DC Rentals supports events across the country with two-way radios, event infrastructure, on-site personnel, and other solutions to create an unparalleled experience.  We have additional office locations including New York, Saint Petersburg (FL) and Phoenix to support our events nationwide.

Supporting such events as the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon, and Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, DC Rentals has worked with both small-scale and large-scale events to provide seamless communications coverage and interoperability solutions to create an enhanced event experience.  See some of our case studies, testimonials and clients in Success Stories.

You can find a full list of our offerings on our Services page or you can contact us to learn more.  If you’d like to see a list of our rental equipment, please view our Rentals page for our catalogue of two-way radios, accessories and more.    


For more information, please submit the contact form below to receive a PDF with our detailed offerings.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.