Strategic Innovations Group


Event Infrastructure and Implementation Excellence

At DC Rentals, we demonstrate our commitment to technological excellence through our Strategic Innovations Group, an elite team of communications, event and interoperability specialists who have brought together their diverse talent and expertise with one goal in mind: perpetual innovation

In order to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market, we are consistently working to improve the methods and practices utilized in the communication solutions industry. As new technology emerges, our Strategic Innovations Group takes the time to bring in the latest products and develop and test techniques for efficiency and reliability. With our customers' needs in mind, our team is continually developing ways of streamlining our communication solutions and other services, to be applied directly to your project or event.

New Technology, New Applications

Using the latest technology and innovations, our elite team implements new equipment to solve challenges our clients face.  Born out of this group, our custom-made Hytera and Motorola portable trunking systems were designed for events with unique challenges.  Areas such as forests, valleys and mountains can be troublesome for radio communications and normal event infrastructure may provide little to no coverage.  Our portable trunking systems provide extra coverage in these types of areas to keep your communications and event going strong.

Our Strategic Innovations Group uses existing technology with event applications.  Normally used for public safety, our team implements dispatch consoles in our unified command centers and event production trailers (EPTs) to streamline multi-agency communications.  Run off a desktop application, dispatch consoles provide a 1-click solution to event communications, making cross-channel and cross-zone communication seamless.       

Our group has faced other unique challenges such as building a multi-agency unified command center in a historical building.  Run out of the Boston Public Library, the Boston Marathon’s command center for communications and video feed cannot be invasive in the building in anyway, including running cable.  Our Strategic Innovations Group designed a temporary, non-invasive solution specifically for this event.  To learn more about this solution, watch our Boston Marathon Case Study.   

DC Rentals is currently exploring and implementing applications for such innovations as access technology in the event industry.  Normally used to secure buildings and locations, our Strategic Innovations Group is testing applications in a variety of event processes including extra security measures for UCCs, event staff mustering point accountability and even distribution accountability.

Working With Our Group

DC Rentals also offers event consulting services.  With a vast amount of institutional knowledge gained through working with some of the largest national events across a wide span of industries, our Strategic Innovations Group can guide you through implementing simple event procedures to complex RF infrastructure and interoperability solutions.  Having supported marathons to concerts and festivals to political events, our team can help you find a solution that fits your needs.   

At DC Rentals, we strive to offer you innovations that no one else can as part of our unmatched commitment to your success. Please contact us today to learn more about what our Strategic Innovations Group can do for you.