Event Services

We're not just about the radios...

Specializing In No-Fail Events

When it comes to your event, we do more than just provide the communications essentials for safe, seamless execution. Our team of highly-trained professionals are available to you 24/7 either on-site or off-site through our customer service line to lead you through inception to implementation of your event.

From planning to programming to distribution and delivery, we manage all two-way communications aspects of an event and work closely with our customers to pinpoint their needs so that we can provide the best experience possible.  Using top of the line infrastructure equipment, we seek to provide you with event-wide coverage, even those events with challenging topography.       

DC Rentals goes beyond two-way radios and offers interoperability solutions for events of any size and scope to incorporate such technology as event CCTV, event production trailers (EPTs) and access technology. 

We have nearly thirty years of industry experience and specialize in the following types of event services:

  • Event Communications & Infrastructure

  • Event CCTV

  • Event Production Trailers (EPTs)

  • Video & Communications on Wheels (VCOWs)

  • Satellite Phone & Wifi Technology for Events

  • Audio & Video

  • Access Technology Applications for Events

  • Pre to Post Event Communications Infrastructure Analytics

  • Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs)

  • Event Security

  • Event Design and Engineering

  • Event Logistics

  • Transportation

  • Equipment Cabling & Fiber Runs


Technical Know-How

DC Rentals has been involved in events in a variety of industries across the country each year and understands how to handle the technology needs of any size event. From large national affairs to small local happenings, we know how to bring your vision to life and create a truly memorable event.

We provide complete solutions for temporary applications, including all necessary fiber-based cable and wireless signal transport.  We also have the expertise and resources to obtain and coordinate frequencies for all equipment for any event.  See our case study on building a temporary operations center for the Boston Marathon.    

Read more about our expertise to see what can we offer your unique event and discover how our innovative style fits your individual needs.

For more information, please submit the contact form below to receive a PDF with our detailed offerings.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Our technical services include

  • Event Design and Engineering

  • Telex Dispatch Solutions for EPTs and Command Centers

  • Communications Infrastructure

  • Interoperability Solutions

  • IT Support Needs

  • Structured Cabling

  • Advance Team Site Visits

  • RF CAD Drawings & Design

  • Genesis Software for Infrastructure Analytics

  • FCC Licensing

  • GPS Tracking Solutions

  • Smart Phone Integration

  • Event CCTV Design and Roll Out

  • 360 Technical Support


At a Moment's Notice


DC Rentals, along side our partners at ALL-COMM Technologies, assists in public safety and disaster relief efforts.  In the event of an emergency, DC Rentals has "go-kits" prepared for public safety and emergency officials.  These include multiple radios with accessories and fully charged batteries, ready to be deployed at a moments notice.

In addition to dedicated communications, DC Rentals also employs our portable VCOWand Event Production Trailer, a fully equipped trailer with a state-of-the-art communications and surveillance camera system, to aid in relief efforts.