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Engineered for Success

We all know that communications is key when executing a safe, successful event, yet it can often become a last priority when dealing with all the other aspects of the event-planning process. At DC Rentals, we make your communications our mission, so you'll never have to worry about overlooking this crucial aspect of your event.

To ensure success, we undergo an in-depth analysis of your communications needs in order to provide the best services possible by designing a communications system that's right for you and your unique event.

This involves site visits from our Advance Audio/Visual Team prior to the event, and for events requiring communications on a large encrypted scale or for more streamlined systems, we'll make site visits for testing radio-frequency (RF) signals, adjacent RF traffic, terrain, etc.  After your communications needs have been assessed, our team will custom engineer a system using advanced software.  Finally, before the event, the system will be staged and tested both in our facility and in the field post-installation. (All DC Rentals equipment is tested on a regular basis to ensure reliability.)

Let us make your communications a priority so you don't have to, 

We have been working with DC Rentals since 2010 with regards to two-way communications. DC Rentals has up-to-date equipment and excellent service. They are reliable, professional and customer service oriented. DC Rentals has had no problem handling the size of our event or meeting all of our deadlines and have offered excellent solutions for radio etiquette and streamlining the distribution and collection of the radios on race weekend.
— Dee Stathis, Pittsburgh Marathon

Boston Marathon

DC Rentals provided thousands of communications devices/support equipment including digital radios, satellite phones, cell, phones, headsets, rack chargers, lapel microphones, surveillance kits, multiple digital trunking systems, base stations, and repeaters set up at the start, midway, and the finish line that provided course wide data and voice communications.

DC Rentals starts installing and testing equipment for this event two months in advance to ensure a reliable, redundant communications network with 24-hour on-site technical support.

It is truly incredible, during such a turbulent year, to see thousands of concerned men, women and children come together on one day in one place to show their continued support in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Companies such as DC Rentals understand that there needs to be a continuation of funding and support for HIV/AIDS prevention and programs. DC Rentals has made a difference in the lives of many.
We are extremely grateful for your compassionate support. On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers of AIDS Action Committee, and most importantly [to] the thousands of individuals living with HIV and AIDS who benefit from this event, THANK YOU. We are very proud to include DC Rentals as one of our partners in the fight against HIV and AIDS.
— The Aids Actions Committee

2017 International Sand Sculpting Festival

DC Rentals supplied critical communications and logistics for this sand art festival, as well as on-site support and security. We always love working with this event in our own back yard!


NHL Winter Classic

DC Rentals provided the communications infrastructure for the 2016 NHL Winter Classic.

DC Rentals increased our Two Way Radio communications efficiency and positively influenced our bottom line
— Maggie Hightower, MKG, Finance Director

Pittsburgh Marathon

DC Rentals supplied hundreds of communication devices and support equipment including digital radios, satellite phones, headsets, rack chargers, lapel microphones, surveillance kits, multiple digital trunking systems, base stations, and repeaters set up at the start, midway, and the finish line that provided course wide data and voice communications.


Inauguration of Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts

DC Rentals supplied critical communications and logistical services for Inauguration of Charlie Baker, as well as highly-trained on-site personnel.


New York Marathon

DC Rentals Provided Critical Two-way communications, event cameras, as well as a command center and on-site technicians.


Falmouth Road Race

DC Rentals was front and center providing logistics, security, vehicles & Announcers with course wide digital radio coverage.

Citizenship Day in Boston is the largest workshop that we run every year in coordination with the City of Boston. We could not do it without DC Rentals and their generous donation of our radio communication system. The ease of coordinating with the DC Rentals staff and the excellence of their products made planning easy and efficient. Thank you to DC Rentals for helping make Citizenship Day a reality, and for aiding in our mission to strengthen society by integrating immigrants into our communities.
Project Citizenship is committed to the mission of helping every legal permanent resident apply for citizenship. An estimated 48,000 immigrants are eligible in Boston alone. This year, with DC Rentals help, we were able to assist nearly 400 immigrants applying for citizenship.
— Matthew Jose, Project Citizenship

Special Olympics

DC Rentals Provided critical two-way communications and infrastructure to the Special Olympics. In addition to radio communications, we also provided event security cameras including our v/cow, as well as on-site technicians.

I’ve worked in the event industry for 10+ years and this was my first time using DC Rentals for communications for a somewhat complicated event with multiple locations spread out over a 50+ mile distance. Frank from DC Rentals took the time to discuss and understand what our needs were, within a very short turn around time, and helped us problem solve to create a solid communications plan. My experience with DC Rentals allowed me to go into my event feeling assured that my needs were covered and that, at any moment I had issues, they would be available to help problem solve and make sure we had the coverage we needed. Their customer service is excellent - Frank checked in with me on event day (a Sunday) to make sure things were working well. I would absolutely use them again!
— Mia Borrelli, Event Director, LeadDog Marketing

First Night Boston

DC Rentals provided 15 separate sound/video systems, audio/video support, two trailers, radios with accessories, and on-site technical support for the festivities.

Giving Back

DC Rentals’ in-kind donation of radios was instrumental in ensuring the rapid and effective communication amongst the staff coordinating this year’s Citizenship Day.
I am very grateful for DC Rentals’ continued commitment to our diverse communities and as an ally in building a welcoming city for all.
— Mayor Martin J. Walsh, City of Boston

DC Rentals is honored to support our local communities and nationwide fundraising events.